Our Training Goal is to Develop a Well Balanced Family Dog

Behaviour Modification
These one on one training sessions are designed to correct even the most extreme of unwanted behaviours.  Using various methods of training, the following behaviours can be resolved.
  • Dog Aggression 
  • Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding 
  • Separation Anxiety 
  • On Leash Lunging 
  • Territorial Behaviours
  • House Training Issues
  • Fear  (lightning,water,cars ect...)

Pricing for this service can vary depending on the severity and the number of sessions required.  Each session is at a cost of $80.00( HST included). Their are not set time for session and are  minimum 1 hour.

Board and Train may be required to correct severe behavioural issues.  .

We offer a free consultation which includes a written training plan along with a cost estimate.
Behaviour Modification

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Basic Foundation Skills - Husky
Basic Foundation Skills
These one on one sessions teach basic obedience for puppies and adult dogs that just need to learn a few manners.  Perfect for your new rescue! Some of these lessons include: 

  • Name response 
  • Intro to off leash Recall
  • Sit stay
  • Down stay
  • Place
  • Off / leave it
  • Proper walking skills
  • ​Leadership skills / Confidence boosting

Sessions are a  rate of $60.00  (HST included).Session are a minimum of 1 hour.Multiple session may be needed for mastery of all commands.

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Perfect Walk
Are you tired of only walking your dog in the middle of the night or early morning to avoid people?
Tired of always having strained muscles after each walk? 
Tired of being stressed out every time you walk your dog?

Try our Perfect Walk Program and we will get your dog walking properly in no time! You will learn the tools to build a better bond with your dog during your walk. In just one session this program will eliminate such things as:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Lunging
  • Leash reactivity
  • Un-focused behaviours
  • Barking

Pricing for this program is $99.00 Flat Rate  (HST Included).By the end of the Program we guratee you and your dog will be havingmore enjoyable walks! 
Perfect Walk  Program

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If you want a well trained dog but just don't have the time, our board and train program gives your dog one on one training all day, everyday during their stay.  This program is great for any dog, young and old, friendly or aggressive, this program will help balance your dog and instill basic obedience and confidence.

Board and Train programs generally last anywhere from one to three weeks,.  The Pricing for this program is $699.00 per week.   Free follow up sessions are included in the package.
Board and Train Program
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This program is provided in a group setting.  This promotes proper socialization and exposure to common outdoor interactions.  The program teaches your puppy basic obedience and will also introduce owners to proper nutrition and health care for your growing pup.  This program is for pups ranging from 10 weeks to 5 months of age.  All puppies must be up to date on all vaccinations.  

Package includes 5 x 45 minute sessions for a price of $110.00 (HST Included).  Owners will be provided with informational resources prior to each session.  Spots fill up quickly so be sure to register in advance!
Puppy Training & Socialization

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20 % off any recently adopted or rescued dog

We also offer free training/evalution services to any humane society or rescue within our service area. We know that shelter/rescue staff are incredibly busy and we are pleased assist in any way we can.
 Adopting a new addition to your family from a Shelter or rescue can be a very exciting but anxious time. Sometimes your new addition  might not have all of their manners and might have some bad habits. We have noticed that new adopters can sometimes get overwhelmed and we are here to offer our services and support. Our goal is to help improve the chances of a successful adoption. Proof of recent adoption (within the past 3 months) is required to obtain this discount. 
We are also willing to help anyone who is in desparate need of assistance but may not have the monatry means. These are evaluated on a case by case basis.  Please contact us for further information.