1. Off Leash Dog Training
    Professional Balanced Family Dog Training
  2. Leash free dog walking
    Unleash Your Dog's True Potential
  3. We will take on dogs that others won't.                                                         Let us help you give your dog one last                                             CHANCE!
    We will take on dogs that others won't. Let us help you give your dog one last CHANCE!
Dog with leash
Our training philosophy is based on many years of scientific research and proven methodology.  We use balanced training techniques and various training tools to get the best results for you and your dog. We offer one-on-one in home, Board and Train and group classes.
  1. Happy Dogs, Happy Owners!
    Free consultation available and flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.
  2. What Suits Your Dog
    Our training is fully catered around what suits your dog. No two dogs are the same. Our trainer will discuss your dogs needs with you to develop a training plan that works for you and your dog.
  3. Feedback
    Much of our training is developed from your feedback as the dog's owner. All client feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Josh & Mutt Layla
Our owner/trainer, Josh, has many years of experience in training dogs and even wildlife! He has trained animals ranging from the largest to the fastest on earth! Most recently, through working with various humane societies, he has developed a desire to assist in the reduction of the number of dogs being placed in shelters. The majority of the dogs that are placed in shelters are there due to one or more behavioural issues. Our goal is to assist in the development of your dogs manners so that you and your pup can lead happy lives in harmony! 
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Car Ride.  Forever Home
Shelter Dogs
Reduced rates for recently adopted/rescued dogs
We have a strong passion for the vision that all dogs should have a safe and happy home. Behavioural issues are one of the leading causes of dog surrenders to Shelters and Rescues.  We, here at Canine Evolution, offer discounted rates for recently adopted dogs in an effort to ensure successful re-homing. 
We also offer free training/evaluations  to all Humane Societies and Dog Rescues within our service area..
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20 % off any recently adopted or rescued dogs​​